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Radio Interview On Money FM Singapore (4/10/18)

In our latest sharing, we discuss the outlook and our convictions on certain M’sia exporters along with showcasing several S’pore plays which could be privatization candidates following the latest corporate actions at M1.

Radio Interview On Money FM Singapore (17/8/18)

How are markets reacting to Mahathir’s first 100 days? Hear what we think.

Radio Interview On Money FM Singapore (17/8/18)

As the US dollar continues to strengthen, exports related stocks whose revenue are derived in US dollar and costs in local currencies could be worth a closer look.

Radio Interview On Money FM Singapore (16/7/18)

Michael Switow checks in with Terence on his stock picks. #SingTel #CapitaLand

The Edge Investment Forum 7th July 2018

Our view is that while the valuation of the S’pore market is not excessive at this moment, it still takes very little negativity to move the market lower. As such, investors should brace for more market volatility ahead. While it is difficult to identify when the market could bottom, investors could keep an eye on stocks like Capitaland, Singtel and HRnet.


Radio Interview On Money FM Singapore (4/7/18)

Terence Wong had a radio interview with Money FM 89.3 FM whereby he shares stock picking tips with Michael Switow & explains investor reaction to Najib’s arrest.

Shares Investment 《股市资讯》(10/3/18)

Terence took on the role of a history teacher in the opening of his latest presentation with  Shares Investment 《股市资讯》held in SGX Centre earlier to remind us of the rich past of China and its prowess as part of his discussion on whether China is ‘ASEAN’s Best Friend’ – the theme of the seminar.

The Chinese presence has grown by leaps and bounds since the listing of Tianjin Zhongxin in 1997. But it wasn’t till 2002 did the numbers jump. Between 2002-07, there were close to 150 Chinese companies entering our market. Many companies suffered sad endings, particularly after the market meltdown in 4Q2008. Investors were left licking their wounds.

While investors should be cautious with Chinese companies, there are still interesting opportunities.  We suggest investors pay attention to companies such as Tianjin Zhongxin Pharma, which has a long track record and boast of one of the best selling drugs to treat cardiocascular diseases in China. It  is trading at a huge discount to its A-shares and H-shares peers.  Citic Envirotech has strong backing from CITIC Ltd, which is one of China’s largest conglomerate and is trading at one of the lowest P/Es compared to its SGX-listed peers. Citic’s dividend yield of 3.6% is also the highest among its peer group. There are also some Singapore companies with good presence in China. We like hospitality plays Banyan Tree and Amara Holdings, as well as Hrnet Group, the largest HR company in the region. (David Chow)

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Maiden Radio Interview On Money FM Singapore (23/2/18)

Listen to Terence discuss some of our key holdings in our S’pore portfolio here.

First Conference in 2018 with Shares Investment (China : ASEAN’s New Best Friend)

Most of us like investing in stocks because of the higher liquidity and potentially higher returns as compared to fixed deposits. Naturally, this is because of the concept of high risk, high return and low risk, low return. While this concept holds true for many, some are able to achieve a low risk yet high return.

Stock market guru and founder of Azure Capital, Terence Wong makes his high returns from the relatively higher risk small and mid-cap stocks. This is due to his ability to connect with the management of these firms, which gives him a better insight on the trustworthiness and credibility of the people who run the business.

An unfair advantage?

Well, here is your chance!

On 10 March 2018, Shares Investment Conference will allow you to connect with companies that are set to benefit from China’s Investments.

With Terence as the keynote speaker, get to know more from the top executives of Hatten Land, Vibrant Group, Sapphire Corporation, Pacific Star Development and LY Corporation.

Best of all, this event is FREE!

As tickets are limited, register now to avoid disappointment!  Click here to register.

S’pore Oil Services Firms Regain Some Appeal (Nikkel Asian Review, 22/11/17)

We view the latest move by Marco Polo Marine to do equity fund raising as an optimal move to ensure long term viability.  In the short term, however, we are cautiously optimistic of a recovery in the sector.

The Game is On- Last Episode (Channel NewsAsia, 4/11/2017)

After all the hustle and bustle , the final episode is here and what an exciting end to it 🙂 Congratulations to all the participants who made this show a success.

The Game is On-Episode 7 of 8 (Channel NewsAsia, 27/10/2017)

In this episode, Terence discovers the importance and value of “PACE AND CONSISTENCY” for the two contestants who are inching closer to the finishing line.

Believing in a Turnaround for Trendlines ( The Business Times, 26/10/17)

At Azure Capital, we favor companies with strong turnaround stories.  Trendlines is one of these companies with  a strong potential to receive a re-rating from the market.




Beating the Market (Channel NewsAsia, 7/10/2017)

In this episode, Terence shares his thoughts and experience with the contestants.

Azure Capital Gets Onboard APAC Realty IPO (The Business Times, 22/9/17)

Another write up from The Business Times of our support for APAC Realty IPO.

Azure Capital Gets Onboard APAC Realty IPO (The Straits Times, 22/9/17)

We are proud to be a cornerstone investor for this EXCITING IPO.

The Game is On-Episode 2 of 8 (Channel NewsAsia, 19/9/2017)

The battle continues as we head into the 2nd week !

The Game is On-Episode 1 of 8 (Channel NewsAsia, 11/9/2017)

Watch Terence as one of the key judges in all eight episodes of Channel NewsAsia’s Money Mind Challenge 2017 as contestants pit their stock trading skills against each other in their bids to maximise investments and win this game of mind, money and substance.

Property Sector Leads List of Buyouts From Singapore Exchange (The Business Times, 31/7/17)

We see fewer companies that we have talked to mentioned about delistings due to better liquidity and higher stock prices.

Stocks to Buy For the Market’s Next Phase ( The Edge Singapore, 22/7/17)

Terence joined a crowd of more than 250 people in a recent forum organised by THE EDGE to discuss his thoughts and specific stock picks.

The Edge Investment Forum 22nd July 2017




On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, Terence joined a crowd of more than 250 people to share his views of the local stock market in 2H17 as well as specific stock picks.


The local stock market was on a roll in the first quarter with the STI Index and the Catalist Index up by 10% and 19% respectively amid a flush of liquidity.  However, the second quarter was somewhat subdued.  Overall, the local market was still up in 1H17. While sceptics of the local market could remain sceptical, we believe the 3% or so growth in the global economy forward coupled with measured pace of  interest rate increase in the US and gradual QE withdrawal in Euro and Japan should still provide a favourable backdrop for asset prices.  That said, still valuations for the overall market in terms of P/E and P/B remain lower than historical average but we believe the valuations of certain counters have ran ahead of its fundamentals and we advocate investors to be more selective in 2H17 and focus on fundamentals.


We suggest investors pay attention to the local high-tech industry which has gone through a few rounds of M&As and the survivors which have cashed-up balance sheets and solid clientele could receive attention from international private equity players. We recommend Avi-Tech Electronics.


Investors could also look at selected property plays such as Chip Eng Seng and Sing Holdings which are still trading at a huge discount to their NAVs.  We noted from our discussions with property developers that are currently building up their landbanks which could be an indication that they see a recovery of the market going ahead.  The recent aggressive bidding for sites bodes well for developers which purchased land 6-12 months back at much lower prices. For privatisation plays in this sector, we are staking our bets on Wheelock Properties.


Other counters we are keen on include hospitality plays such as Amara Holdings and Banyan Tree Holdings. For the former, we believe a tapering of hotel room supplies going forward and the opening of the new Terminal 4 could buoy counters in this segment. For the latter, we see its partnership with the Accor Hotels Group and China’s leading property company Vanke as positive and could enhance Banyan’s brand equity. On the industrials front, we like Moya Holdings Asia, which is Indonesia’s largest municipal water treatment company.  Indonesia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia in terms of economic growth, but yet less than 50% of its population gets to enjoy clean drinking water.


From: Investment team of Azure Capital

Upcoming Edge Investment Forum on July 22nd 2017

As we step into 2H17, Where are the investment opportunities ? What should you be concerned of ?  Featuring Terence Wong!  Not to be missed.

Sign up here.


Tepid Showing from Reverse Takeover Listings (The Straits Times, 6/5/17)

More ” BIG IPOs” are needed to capitalize on the fine showing of the IPOs listed this year and attract fund flows.

Asia-Focused Private Equity Investors Have $136 billion War Chest, Bain Says ( Nikkel Asian Review, 21/4/17)

Ample cash in the private equity space chasing returns could lead to more buyouts for undervalued public companies going forward !

Azure Capital Launches $71m Special Situations Fund (DealStreetAsia, 11/4/17)

Doing what we do best and deliver long term sustainable returns to our investors !

Azure Capital’s Stock Portfolio up 17% Since Inception (The Business Times, 8/4/17)

Our portfolio returns has given us a good start in our journey to revitalise the local market !

SGX on track to woo investors (The Straits Times, 5/4/17)

Kudos to the continued efforts of the exchange to engage investors!

STI Surges Past 3,000 Points (The Business Times, 11/1/2017)

As the index surges to reach a recent high, we think that this could only be the tip of the iceberg and that the index could end the year higher.

New Dawn for Small Caps (The Edge Singapore, 9/1/2017)

We look at the structural reasons behind delistings in the S’pore market.

Days of Rising Dividend may be Numbered (The Straits Times, 14/12/16)

There’s a divergence between the performance of the local stock market to the dividend payouts of certain counters.

Value in S’pore market waiting to be unlocked (The Straits Times, 21/09/16)

Amid the continued decline in trading turnover and delistings, we see opportunities.

Keeping Faith in the S’pore Market (Lianhe Zaobao, 21/09/16)

Terence retains his faith in the local market.

Definition of a ‘Recession- proof’ Stock (The Business Times, 05/09/16)

What is your definition of a ‘Recession- proof’ stock ? Read our take.

Reduced Share Buybacks (The Straits Times, 11/08/16)

Why have the local corporates reduced their share buybacks in 2016?  We explore a few reasons.

STI Performance in August 2016 (Lianhe Zaobao, 25/07/16)

Terence discusses the possibility of seeing a downturn in the S’pore stock market in August 2016 and why the long term market trend for the Straits Times Index (STI) should be heading north.

SMRT’s Reaction to a Takeover (The Business Times, 22/07/16)

Why the lack of enthusiasm following Temasek Holdings’ offer?

Laying off Workers in Resort World Sentosa ( The Straits Times, 11/06/16)

Implications of Resort World Sentosa’s retrenchment exercise.

Delisting Firms Cause For Worry (The Straits Times, 17/05/16)

Terence says the bout of delistings send a very wrong signal.

SGX Faces IPO Drought (The Edge Singapore, 16/05/16)

With the IPO drought faced by Singapore Stock Exchange, could a revival in the interest for small caps counters be enough to turn its fortunes around? Terence speaks of the challenges that small caps face.

Delisting of China Merchant (The Business Times, 10/5/16)

Following the privatisation of China Merchant Holding, Terence shares his thoughts on the rationale behind a series of these delistings in the S’pore market.