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Book Signing in Hawker Centre

Jul 5, 2024

Two Rare Sightings:

1. A book signing in a hawker centre.
2. A boisterous Ghim Moh Market looking eerily empty.

Tan Chin Hwee recently launched his second book, Economic Success: Fate or Destiny?, co-authored with Thomas Grandjean. This book expands on themes from their previous work, Values at the Core: How Human Values Contribute to the Rise of Nations, which was named one of the Financial Times Readers’ Best 2021 Summer Books.

Chin Hwee stepped down as CEO Asia-Pacific of Trafigura last September. Capping off his eight-year tenure, the commodities giant, which reported record profits of US$7.4 billion on revenue exceeding US$240 billion in 2023, was crowned the top firm in the inaugural Southeast Asia edition of the Fortune 500.

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