Investment Philosophy and Process

At Azure Capital, we tap on our research capabilities and entrenched network to seek unique opportunities in the region. Our investments come with catalysts which should bear fruit in 6-12 months, including but not limited to (1) turnaround situations, (2) mergers & acquisitions, (3) policy changes, (4) raising dividend payouts/special dividends, (5) spin-offs, and (6) improved investor relations and coverage.

The fundamentals and balance sheets of our investments are strong and should comfortably stand the test of time (and unforeseen circumstances). Thus, even if the catalysts do not unfold as we expect them to, they should very well still be winning picks.

We are a little old-fashioned when it comes to research. We like to visit companies, cosy up with the management and get a deep understanding of the sectors we are looking at. Given our connections, channel checks are typically a call or email away. We must love the financial figures, particularly the balance sheet, before we put our money down.

Through this arduous stock-picking process, we are confident of delivering high-quality, risk-adjusted returns to investors.