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Terence Wong, CFA

CEO and Executive Director
Azure Capital

Apricot blossoms with ”Super” fruit

May 20, 2024

What ties popular brands like Geniebook, Golden Duck, Cloversoft and Oatbedient together?

They are all backed by Apricot Capital, a family office established by the Teo family after the S$1.45 billion sale of Super Group in 2017.

Darren Teo helms Apricot together with his sister Elaine. They played a pivotal role in scaling up Super and positioning it to be sold. Since Apricot’s inception, the duo has been growing its property and investment portfolios. I’m particularly grateful for their strong support when I first started Azure Capital. They were my first anchor investors.

Darren rolls up his sleeves to guide Apricot’s investments. Under his watch, Geniebook emerged as the largest education tech firm in Singapore, while Golden Duck was partially acquired by iconic snack company Mamee-Double Decker. The remarkable recovery of SGX-listed Marco Polo Marine was also possible because of the Apricot-led S$60m rescue effort in 2018.

Ripe with sweet returns, Apricot seems to be blossoming into a ‘Super’ fruit!