Being Schooled On Roads

Tagged along a group of promising students from Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) to visit Samwoh Group, a well-known name in civil engineering and infrastructure construction. Many roads that we ride on, including the Marina Coastal Expressway (Singapore’s costliest) and the F1 circuit, were built by Samwoh. We never knew so much science goes into paving … Read more

Seeing (Michelin) Stars

Loh Lik Peng has earned one of the most Michelin Stars in the world, amassing over 20 since 2016. Last year was a record as the restaurants he own picked up 11 Michelin Stars, including Zen (3 ), Cloudstreet (2 ), Burnt Ends and Nouri (1  each). Trained as a lawyer, Peng started his entrepreneurial journey with boutique … Read more

A Blast From The Past

David Kuo and I were judges in Singapore’s first reality TV stock competition on CNA back in 2017. Ten contestants from across the island, including two celebrities, had to construct their own stock portfolios, and the one with the best returns over eight weeks would go on to win. Any one who follows David’s media … Read more

The Man Behind “Mark to Market”

Ben Paul made quite a splash when he joined The Business Times almost 4 years back. His ‘Mark to Market’ columns remind me of Lee Han Shih, who was known for penning hard-hitting articles on stocks in the 1990s, particularly on government-linked companies. It is clear from Ben’s articles that he taps on his past … Read more

‘Food For Thought’

If you are a fan of Polar’s signature curry puff, you have Dr Chan Kok Yew to thank. The chairman of Polar takes time off his medical practice regularly to prepare the curry mix. The recipe is a closely guarded secret! Considering how much sweat Kok Yew pours into the preparation of curry puffs, I … Read more