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Chew Sutat – The man who took away his dad’s lunch

Jul 30, 2021

I met up with Chew Sutat, senior managing director of SGX, on his last day of work.

He is perhaps the only man I know who took away his dad’s lunch. Back in 2011, SGX introduced the all-day continuous trading that marked the end of the 90-minute lunch break for the army of 3,000 remisiers in Singapore. Sutat was then the head of equities at SGX, while his father was a veteran stock trader.

But being a change agent is nothing new. In his early professional life in the 1990s, he introduced Singapore’s first retail stock borrowing service when he was with OCBC. He democratised what was up till then the domain of institutional investors. Sutat followed up with a successful stint as Head of Investment and Treasury Products at Standard Chartered, where he was credited to have “established a series of industry firsts with innovative products that addressed the needs of different market segments across the region”.

He joined SGX at the peak of his banking career in 2007. His 14 years at the exchange has seen him head practically every major division – equities, fixed income, market development, and global sales & origination.

It has certainly been a storied career, but his story is not just about to end. In fact, he is planning the next chapter to be even more fulfilling. The Vice Chairman of Community Chest and Chairman of Caregivers Alliance will be devoting more time to community work. As chair of SGX CSR, he raised over $25m for charity.

Over coffee, Sutat happily revealed that he will be spending a lot more time with his family. I am sure regular lunches with his father are on the cards. The good news is they can now take as long as they want.