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Dr Ng Chin Siau, CEO of Q&M Dental, prepares for Covid war

Mar 4, 2020

Dr Ng Chin Siau, CEO of Q&M Dental, hardly got to enjoy Chinese New Year as he was scrambling for surgical masks. Not for himself, but his army of healthcare professionals. As the largest dental group with over 80 clinics and 250 dentists in Singapore, it proved to be quite a task.

He and his partners finally managed to secure a few thousand boxes of masks from Brazil, which ensured that his doctors and patients will be well protected for a few months. That’s not all. The dental group also prepared for the less privileged, donating 50,000 surgical masks to 17 charity organisations.

Q&M, or 全民 (quan min) in Chinese, means ‘for the people’. Through this recent episode, you can see Chin Siau and team walking the talk.