Meet up with Teo Ser Luck

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Retired minister Teo Ser Luck seeds startups

Aug 4, 2020

The recent election must have been a strangely peaceful affair for Teo Ser Luck. He stepped down from politics this year, after a 14-year stint as Member of Parliament.

For someone with no inkling of the inner workings of the government, he certainly went far, becoming Minister of State for Transport and Manpower, as well as Mayor of Northeast CDC. I was his councillor when he first took on the role as Mayor back in 2011.

Since stepping down as Minister in 2017, Ser Luck has been busy seeding start-ups and building businesses. He also sits on numerous listed boards, including BRC, China Aviation Oil, Straco, Serial Systems and Yanlord. Like his time in the government, he continues to wear many hats. It is definitely a challenge keeping pace with this avid triathlete.