Catching Up with Fei Siong (2nd Nov 2019)

Lunched with Tan Kim Siong, better known as Fei Siong (Fatty Siong). Many may look at him and wonder about his nickname. This svelte granddad was actually quite a bit bigger in his younger days. He started out selling fishball noodles in a hawker centre outside the old National Library at Stamford Road. He has since grown his local food empire to over 100 eateries across many well-known brands like Let’s Eat, 85 Redhill, Malaysia Chiak, Encik Tan, Nam Kee Pau, HK Egglet, and London Duck.

This place that we had lunch in is his latest concept Huats Kee, which sells old school fish head steamboat (the ones with charcoal). This meal with him threw me back to the 1990s, from the food, to the location (Turf City), and his phone! He still carries his trusty Vertu, the bespoked high-end phone with no smartphone features. We communicate through SMS, just like in the good old days.