Touching base With an Old Pal formerly from CNA (29th July 2020)


It’s been a while since I caught up with Frederick CH Lim. The award-winning producer of CNA’s Money Mind wanted to see more of the world following his retirement, but travel plans have to be put on hold indefinitely. He left CNA after snagging his record sixth SIAS award last year. He also won an SGX Orb award in 2018 for producing Singapore’s first stock market reality show, where I was a guest judge.

We collaborated on dozens of other stories on Money Mind, including cross-border trading with Malaysia (2006), a day in my life as an analyst (2012), my book launches (2012-15), as well as Azure’s official launch (2017).

It has been a wonderful run, Fred. Hope you’ll be able to pursue your wanderlust soon! I know bringing you to this Thai cafe in Bukit Timah doesn’t quite cut it.