With My Partner in Crime (19th Sept 2020)


Dennis Goh, best known for starting HungryGoWhere, was my primary school buddy. He was also my wedding emcee.

During my wedding preparations back in 2007, Dennis excitedly showed me and my heng dais (groomsmen) his venture. We had high expectations given that he quit the elite Admin Service to work on this. When we saw the product, we were totally underwhelmed! It was a food review site that looked like it could have been started by high school kids, not someone groomed to be a future leader of Singapore.

But he had the last laugh. HungryGoWhere became the #1 food site in Singapore and was acquired by SingTel in 2012. Two years back, he told me about his new business that will transform the future of work. This time round, I didn’t think he was insane. Instead, I partnered him to start a fund – Azure-Lyte Fund – to finance his latest venture. We just wrapped up the inaugural year of the fund and are happy to be dishing out above-market dividends.

Investors who are hungry for yields now know where to go.