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SPH Media’s new top dog

Oct 12, 2022

Congrats Wong Wei Kong on your promotion to the top job in SPH Media. I wish there was an abbreviation for your new role. Editor-in-Chief of the English/Malay/Tamil Media (EMTM) Group is quite a mouthful.

In a post to celebrate The Business Times’ 45th anniversary a year back, I wrote:

“To Wei Kong’s credit, he has kept the standards high as BT editor despite the challenges that are faced by newspapers globally. I particularly like the fact that BT has beefed up its opinion pieces with columns like Mark to Market (Ben Paul) and The Level Ground (Leslie Yee). These complement well with Hock Lock Siew, a column which has successfully blurred the lines between journalists and analysts.”

The Straits Times, The Business Times as well as vernaculars Berita Harian and Tamil Murasu are in good hands.

(Photo with my two oldest friends from BT – Wei Kong and Kenneth Lim)