"Overseas Expansion is a Crucial Component to Growth Strategy"

Darren Teo

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Darren Teo

Managing Partner, Apricot Capital


Overseeing the Overall Strategy and Commercial Activities, Covering More than 65 Countries

Darren started his career in Super in 2007. He assisted the key management team in strategic business planning and overseas business expansion initiatives. In 2008, he spearheaded a restructuring exercise for Super Group which led to the Group focusing and consolidating its non-core activities through strategic sales, and repurposing these activities to be in line with the Group’s direction. As overseas expansion was a crucial component to Super Group’s growth strategies, he implemented a dual-engine growth strategy in 2008 (Branded Consumer & Food Ingredients) which further strengthened the Group’s revenue streams, allowing it to grow its business in Asia. In 2009, he established Super Group’s Corporate & Investor Relations Team and lead the team while also assuming the role of Corporate Strategy and Business Development Manager.

In 2014, Darren was appointed Group Assistant General Manager for Strategy & Business Development, overseeing the Group’s overall strategy and commercial activities covering more than 65 countries. In 2016, Darren was appointed Executive Director of Super Group Ltd.

Darren now joins Apricot Capital as a Managing Partner and evaluates investment proposals, brokers strategic investment deals and opportunities, as well as managing its investment portfolios.