"Time in Market Beats Timing the Market"

Dennis Ng

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Dennis Ng

Portfolio Manager


Keen Sense of Market Timing Related to Macro Events

Dennis has over 30 years of trading experience in the financial markets and began trading foreign exchange with a local bank in Singapore for three years. He started his career when the Plaza Accord was ongoing and profited from the devaluation of the US Dollars versus the Japanese Yen.

Then hired by Arab Banking Corporation (ABC) as Senior Trader where during his time he witnessed first-hand the crash of the British Pound. Having profited handsomely from this opportunity, he was promoted to Head of Foreign Exchange which set the tone for his trading intuition.

He moved to Bank of Montreal, an International Bank with bigger exposure to Forex Trading and was quickly promoted to become the Chief Dealer for Foreign Exchange.

After his experience trading for the banks, he worked in Fund Management, served as Independent Director for a Publicly Listed Company and also consulted for a Publicly Listed Investment Holding Company involved in Real Estate Investments.

During the current pandemic crisis, Dennis has demonstrated his keen sense of market timing related to macro events and his quick actions. This can be seen in the performance result of a portfolio he manages focused on global macro events.

Witnessing first hand numerous Black Swan events, navigating portfolio risk successfully and turning them into large profits is the edge Dennis will have for the future performance of the TGM Fund.