Meaningful Impact on Humanity and Environment

Desmond Koh


Desmond Koh

Founder & CEO, Compassion Capital

Head of Sustainability, Azure Capital

Founder of Compassion Capital

👋🏼 Desmond is the Head of Sustainability at Azure Capital and Founder & CEO of Compassion Capital (The Compassion Group), with interests in sustainability, health & wellbeing, real estate, education, and technology. He brings over 20 years of experience in business and finance, with significant roles in corporate finance, trading, derivatives structuring, and investment management.

📈 An engineer by training and an Olympian, Desmond thrives on challenges and innovation. Influenced by notable figures such as the Dalai Lama and Mohandas Gandhi, he integrates mindfulness and ethical considerations into his life and professional endeavors.

📚 Desmond’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of numerous businesses and initiatives, including investment funds, a private deals platform, and enterprises in media, sports marketing, and sustainability. Each venture demonstrates his ability to innovate and lead across diverse sectors.

💚 Beyond his professional pursuits, Desmond is deeply involved in philanthropy. He currently serves on boards and committees including the Rhodes Scholarship Singapore Selection Committee and Advisory SG, and has previously held positions at The Centre for Responsible Future, Green School, Singapore Sports School Ltd, National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, Children’s Wishing Well, Singapore Swimming Association, Olympians Singapore and Contentment Foundation. His roles have enabled him to influence and foster impact practices within these organizations.

💡 His initiative, ‘Compassion Capital,’ promotes a comprehensive approach to capital utilization, encouraging the integration of financial, intellectual, and emotional resources to enact positive global change. This initiative is central to Desmond’s vision to embed sustainable and compassionate decision-making in both corporate and personal arenas.

👥 Desmond’s commitment to inclusivity and growth is evident in his founding and active participation in groups such as Mancave Tribe and Conscious Circle. He welcomes connections from diverse backgrounds and is eager to collaborate with those also driven to make a meaningful impact on humanity and the environment.