Macro Fund Singapore

Treasures Global Macro Fund

An Absolute Return Fund optimizing returns across macro asset classes in all market conditions utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), proprietary trading software and proprietary trading strategies

Fund Objective: 25 - 30% return per annum

Capital preservation: Risk minimized to not more than 5% per month or a total of 20% p.a

Careful selection of investments with asymmetrical returns over risks

Fundamentals and technical analysis are combined to consistently deliver positive absolute returns

Swift response to market conditions

Diversification Benefits to Traditional Asset Classes

little co-relation to equity and fixed income

Years of Experience

Portfolio Managers, Dennis Ng and Gino Poe have years of experience in trading and performs exceptionally well to volatility and black swan events. Through careful selection of investments, we deliver asymmetrical returns over risks.

Dennis Ng

Portfolio Manager


Gino Poe

Portfolio Manager


Launched in August 2021

At a glance

  • Denomination: USD

  • Minimum Investment: US$150,000

  • Subscription: Monthly

  • Redemption: Quarterly

  • Custodian: Phillip Futures Pte Ltd

  • Fund Administrator: Ascent Fund Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd

  • Auditor: Baker Tilly TFW

  • Legal Advisor: WHM Law Corporation

  • Management Fee: 2.00% p.a

  • Performance Fee: 20% with High Water Mark

  • Key Representative: Terence Wong, Founder and CEO

  • Portfolio Manager: Dennis Ng

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