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Azure All-Star Fund

Covid-19 is a game changer. Technologies that have helped the world operate under pandemic conditions will have a long-lasting impact on demand in the economy. This will involve accelerated adoption of certain technologies whose transformative effects will long outlast the reopening of the world economy.

Within Chaos, Lies Opportunities

New companies in the right place will thrive. Traditional companies resistant to change will not. Many have tried to pivot, but not all will succeed. Where are the opportunities?

Enter Azure All-Star Fund.

Connections with Major Constituents

We are well-connected to all the major constituents of the stock market, including management of listed companies, fund managers, analysts, media, investor relations and dealmakers. We believe that knowledge and relationships open up opportunities.

Absolute-Return Fund

We strive to reward investors regardless of good times or bad, rather than attempting to beat the benchmark.

Research-Driven Capabilities

We strongly believe that through age-old fundamental analysis, we will be able to uncover gems in the market.

Small and Mid Cap Space Specialists

The fund invests in the Small and Mid Cap space, as the propensity to derive exceptional returns is high.

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