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Charles Schwab’s CEO Flagging His Most Challenging Time At The Bank Since The Bursting Of The Internet Bubble In Year 2000. Any Issues With US Banks? (Money FM)

Jan 18, 2024

Singapore stocks opened weaker today following overnight losses on global markets as investors’ hope for rate cuts dwindles.
In early trade, Straits Times Index (STI) headed down 0.3 per cent to 3,133.02 points, after 35.2 million securities changed hands in the broader market.
In terms of companies to watch, we have Thomson Medical Group. The healthcare services provider was granted three months, until 10 April, to restore its public float, which dropped below 10 per cent in September.
Meanwhile, from more on economic growth projections for major economies within Asia to Charles Schwab’s CEO flagging his most challenging time at the bank since the bursting of the Internet bubble in year 2000, more international headlines are in focus.