Physician at Heart

Dr. Chan Kok Yew

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Dr. Chan Kok Yew

Managing Director, Polar Puffs and Cakes

Partner (1925 VCC)

Dr. Chan Kok Yew is a dedicated medical doctor with an extensive career spanning over 3 decades of various facets in healthcare and a strong commitment in improving lives. His involvement in the setup of primary healthcare, oncology as well as dermatology practices has acquired himself his wide range of clinical and management skills. Dr Chan’s heart has always beats for making a difference in people’s lives, extending beyond the realm of health in Singapore.

He passionately volunteered with organizations dedicated to helping those in need, participating in overseas humanitarian missions. He notably lent his medical expertise during critical events such as the Izmit earthquake in Turkey (1999), the East Timor humanitarian crisis (2000), Afghanistan War (2001), the Indian Ocean Tsunami in Sri Lanka (2004) , and the Sri Lankan Civil war (2009).

In addition to his medical endeavours, Dr. Chan is on the board of management at The New Charis Mission, a non-profit charitable organisation, which operates a Residential Rehabilitation for ex-drug addicts and ex-offenders, helping every individual who enters into the programme to move from the past failures and destructive lives to a developed new mindset and value system.

Heritage Legacy

Dr Chan is also deeply rooted in his family’s legacy associated with Polar Puffs and Cakes, a thriving business founded by his grandfather. Since his early years, he has fond memories of the old café, where he occasionally helped with tasks and earned his favorite curry puff as a reward. These experiences exposed him to the dedication and hard work required to establish and sustain the success of the enterprise.

Today, as the third generation at the helm of the family business, Dr. Chan envisions preserving and advancing this cherished heritage. He remains committed to serving delectable pastries and cakes, infused with the same dedication and passion that propelled Polar to its current success. His dual dedication to running the popular bakery and medical profession epitomizes his unwavering desire to positively impact people’s lives, showcasing his multifaceted approach toward making the world a better place, one endeavour at a time.