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Jeremy Yong

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Jeremy Yong

Chairman of Oriole & Ash


Jeremy is Founder and Chairman of Oriole & Ash, his family Investment Holding Company. Over the past 20 years, he founded and/or co-founded and operated various businesses and currently has business interests in Real Estate Investment Management, Real Estate development and FinTech.

His most recent notable business venture was Croesus Merchants (“Merchants”, which he co-founded in 2010), a Singapore based real estate asset management holding company with business interests primarily in Japan real estate.

Most notably, Merchants sponsored and managed a Property Trust Listing (“CRT”) on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2013. Then, Jeremy boldly internalized the trustee-manager in 2016, the first ever such transaction in Singapore, and subsequently negotiated the sale of CRT to the Blackstone Group in 2017. CRT generated almost 90% total returns over a 4-year period for her public shareholders. Today, Merchants manages a portfolio of Japan logistics assets on behalf of clients through Merchants’ wholly owned Japan subsidiary CMIRM.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s during the first “dot-com” boom, he CoFounded and ran a Japan based technology private equity firm. This investment firm merged with a listed technology investment company on the Hong Kong stock exchange where Jeremy then assumed the position of Managing Director. The Listco was eventually acquired by Hutchison Whampoa.

Jeremy started his career as an investment banker at JP Morgan Singapore and graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a B.Sc (Econs) (Hons) degree. He is married and has 2 lovely young daughters.