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Business Times bids farewell to one of its finest

Oct 17, 2019

Kenneth Lim, the award winning deputy news editor, is leaving SPH after 16 years. In my opinion, he pens some of the best headlines and stories the paper has seen, in the league of legends like Conrad Raj and Lee Han Shih. He even makes dreary results stories exciting to read. Like this one – ‘Beerless F&N less stout on Q1, but dairy finds whey to grow’.

I also enjoy his BT infographics columns where he breaks down difficult concepts like Brexit for the readers. Occasionally, he takes on Stan Lee with comic strips on serious topics. He even won the Infographics of the Year award with his ‘stick figure’ comic on the state of populism in the world (‘Power to the People’).

Speaking of awards, Ken recently bagged the SIAS award for financial journalism, his third in the last six years. Days after he snagged his second trophy in 2016, he wrote a bold and critical article on SIAS (‘SIAS should be more careful before picking sides’), which met with a fierce retort from the investor watchdog. I thought he will not win another SIAS award after that, but I was proven wrong.

Last week, I had coffee with Ken in the SPH canteen when BT veteran Vikram Khanna walked over to tell Ken that he will be sorely missed in the newsroom. I am sure readers couldn’t agree more.

(Wefie with Kenneth Lim (wearing wide grin) and BT editor Wong Wei Kong)